• Cuboro Standard
  • Cuboro Standard

Cuboro Standard

Cuboro is a game to last a lifetime. This is a perfect game for adults to play with their children when they are younger and then children can play by themselves as they develop the spatial skills to design their own complicated tracks. The standard kit is the starter pack for Cuboro, a marble track system consisting of cubed elements made of natural beech wood 5x5x5cm. Cuboro elements feature functions on the surface as well as tunnels. Countless combinations are possible - starting from simple two-dimensional ones up to highly complex three-dimensional ones. All fundamental elements necessary for the construction of a complex track system are contained in the basic set. The various elements can be combined to countless track systems. The Cuboro Standard has 54 Cubes with 12 different functions plus 5 marbles.

Here is a short video which demonstrates just how far you can go with this wonderful game:-

Learn More about Cuboro by watching other videos on our product video page.


54 cubes made of natural beech wood (5cm) with 12 different functions, 5 marbles.

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